What now?

Taylor should never be allowed near computers...
 He "upgraded" our internet explorer and I HATE IT!  I don't know what version it is...  but I want to know how to uninstall it.  It is slower and doesn't let me do a lot of the things I used to be able to do.... like insert pictures onto my blog.  And it is waayyy slower and it doesn't work consistently.  I am constantly having to close it down and start again, which is not fun if you are trying to watch Grey's Anatomy and you don't have cable, so the only other option is online.  :(

So... Does anyone have any suggestions.  I tried the control panel, but there is no button that says add/remove hardware... there is no button that says add/remove anything...

Did I mention I HATE the new version of internet explorer?  hmmmm.... well, if I haven't then I definately should.


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  2. Try a system restore. That function allows you to reset your computer to a certain date. you could reset it to before Taylor decided to "help" you out. On my computer you click on the start icon,go to all programs, then find "accessories", then click on system tools, then system restore. From there just follow the instructions. I hope that works for ya.

  3. I suggest switching browsers... Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome... they work really well.

  4. We like google chrome- just install it- you don't have to uninstall explorer to intall another browser... we also like firefox but have since switched- Internet explorer was so 1999....