The Beginning of a New Christmas Tradition

The snow is here.  The tree is up.  Family Stone and A Christmas Story have both already been watched.  Santa letters are written.  Christmas parcels started arriving 2 days ago.  And the basement is off limits to little ones.  It really is starting to feel like Christmas around here.
Needless to say, for some reason this year I have embraced the whole Christmas season a little early.  And, in doing so, I have decided to start a new Christmas tradition for our girls.  (I actually got the idea from Dana).

A Christmas Book Advent.
I started collecting Christmas books a couple of weeks ago.  Since I didn't want this project to cost much, I went to Value Village and searched their hundreds of children's books.  It was actually quite fun.  I would get all excited when I found a good Christmas book.  I collected some about Santa, the Nativity, giving gifts, and I even found a Dora one for Lexi.  I also knew we had a few at home, so I searched around and found 8.  So, I only had to get 17 more.  It took a few trips, but I did it.  The whole thing cost under $15.  I thought that was awesome.  Each year I hope to collect some more Christmas books and switch them out for some of the books that the girls will grow out of.  I looked for How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but I didn't find it.

Here they are..

I made sure each one had something to do with Christmas.  There are some awesome vintage copies in there as well.  Do you spot the Nutcracker?  (Not the Berenstain Bears version). 

It only took about the length of 3 Friends episodes to wrap them all.

Here they are wrapped...

We start tonight.  They are sitting under the tree just waiting to be opened.  Right before bed the girls will pick one and we will read it together.  I am so excited!  I hope the girls love it as much as I do.


  1. LOVE TI!!! I think I just had a great idea of what to get you guys for christmas!!!

  2. What a great idea!!!! I may have to copy you...but not until next year:).

  3. That is awesome. If I was on the ball I would have done that too... you are awesome.

  4. This is the most wonderful, lovely, exciting, educational, special, amazing, brilliant, memorable, etc. etc. etc. idea EVER! I'm proud of you and what a superb mother you are!!!! Love you. Kiss little Lily for me and tell her she is THE BEST!