Dear Santa... Any of these would be nice. :)

I have helped each of my girls make Christmas lists.  I have made lists of gifts to get my family, friends, and neighbors.  So... I thought it would be fun to put my own Christmas wishlist together.  I don't think I will be getting anything from this list because I have it on good authority that my Christmas present is presently sitting in the trunk of our car.  (Oh it is tortuous not being able to peek).  Anyways, this list is just for fun.  (Online shopping is the best kind!)

In no particular order... here is my 2011 Christmas wishlist.

She & Him Christmas Album 

A hooded bathrobe.

Or one like this:

An Extender Slip:
Wide Scalloped Embroidery Trimmed Slip -- Cream/Ivory

An Audrey Hepburn DVD Collection:

A Good Book (Any book will do, as long as it's good):
The Little Women Letters

A Great Pair of Ankle Boots:

A new throw for my couch:

Some fun new earrings:

Santa... if your listening....   :)

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  1. I want that cd too! I love Zooey.... I have been looking for some nice ankle boots too....