A New Outlook

I know that now is the time of year when many of us make resolutions.  Many bloggers pick a "word of the year".  In years past, I have had my own main idea or theme as well.  This year is different.  So many things I want to change or make better about myself kept coming to mind.  So many, in fact, that I could not pick just one that was most important to me.  So, I am going to try something different.  I have picked 6 things I want to work on this year.  Ever month (or so) will bring a new goal or focus.  Hopefully, as each month passes I can add the next goal to the list and carry on.  I feel like this way, the change really can be a permanent one.

It was so hard picking the first one.  I didn't want the first goal to be too hard or intimidating because it might just stop this whole journey before it has really even begun.  So, my first focus of the year is going to be organization.  I hope to organize coat closets to file folders to dresser drawers to craft stuff to pictures in our computer and even to organize the way I use my time.  It is going to be a challenge, but I think it is going to give me the fresh start I really need to get going.

Goal number two has to do with family.  Sometimes I feel like life takes over and I'm trying so hard just to make it through another day, that I forget the wonderful people who are in my life.  I want to focus on showing my love better to my family.  Sometimes it is hard to remember that we are all individuals and we each feel loved in different ways.  I would like to learn how to show my love better to my family and friends... the way they feel love.

Goal number three is to beautify.  I want to incorporate more beautiful things in our home.  It will require a great amount of creativity due to a small decorating budget.  Ha!  But things like finding creative and beautiful ways to display my girls' artwork don't have to be expensive.

Goal number four is to gain more knowledge.  This could be from reading, studying, watching documentaries, visiting museums, etc.  I am excited about this one.  From a young age, my parents have instilled a love of learning in me that I hope to pass on to my own children.

Goal number five is to find peace.  I know I stress too much.  I know sometimes all I need are a few minutes with silence and my own thoughts or a few moments with some beautiful music.  I know that by doing this, I will be able to be more collected and ready for those moments of chaos.

Goal six is to eat healthier.  I want to learn to make healthy dishes that taste good enough that my kids will eat it (and Taylor too!).  We really only eat out on rare occasions, so that isn't a problem, but I want to learn how to better use fresh ingredients and make meals that are quick and easy too.

So, there you have it.  There really are so many more, but I think these first 6 are going to keep me pretty busy and make quite an impact.  Here's to the new year....  I don't think of it as a new beginning, just a new outlook... and I'm excited.  :)

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