Organizing Inspiration

I only keep a few blogs on my "read regularly" list.  Jen from iheartorganizing is one of them.  She has the BEST ideas for organizing small and large spaces.  In her last post, she collected ideas from different blogs to create her own organized dream home.  The ideas are perfect for me now, since I have decided to start organizing everything better around here.  You can read the post at iheartorganizing.  It has inspired me to think outside the box.  It has also given me the motivation to tackle my master bath!  Since counter space in our master bath is always a source of  contention (ha!) in our home, I can't wait to see what a little organization will do to make our lives easier.  Wish me luck!

Ps> I was playing around with picnik last night and came across this picture of Lily.  When was she ever so small!?!

 And here is one after she got her very first pair of glasses.  New glasses have never looked so cute!

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