Serge Me Silly!!

Ok.  So I have been looking on Kijiji for months...  I've checked local stores, online, and even checked to see how much a serger would cost after shipping it from the States... And it has always amounted to too much, since I am only a beginner at sewing and I didn't want to buy anything I would regret later.  Well, thanks to Evelyn from Southwest Calgary, I finally found me the perfect serger at a perfect price!  No longer will I have unfinished edges!!  Yay.  Wanna see it?  (I know you don't, but I am so excited about it that I am going to show you anyways!)
In addition to the instruction manual, Evelyn had taken a class back when she bought the serger and she kept all the notes and examples.  She asked if I wanted it.  Uhhh... yes please, since I have no idea what I am doing yet...  She also gave me a bag of thread to go with it as well. 

And this is how excited I am....
I found some really great houndstooth fabric that will make some cute sunday dresses for the girls and a skirt for me.  But that project can wait until next month when I actually have a real sewing space.  My mom is even contributing a great little sewing table to help me create my masterpieces.  Woot woot!  And Evelyn?  She wished me luck with my new serger and hopes I put it to good use.  Me too... :)


  1. Terrific, Nan now we expect to see some serious sewing with finished edges....congrats....

  2. I wish I was you.... That is all I can say- I want a serger of my very own... One day.... Until then- you can do all my sewing for me. Oh and i love houndstooth. I think it is my new favorite design.... How much was it??? The serger, not the houndstooth...

  3. Good!!! Another serger in the family...can you have too many? I can hardly wait to see the little addition! It sure would have made life easier when I was sewing for my kids. Good on you for being so patient and finding just the right one.

  4. I got the houndstooth for 4 bucks a meter. I can't wait to see what comes of it!

  5. How have you lived up till now without one?! You will love it!