I don't know where the time goes.  My girls seem to be growing like weeds.  Tonight Lily asked what "valuable" meant.  It turned into quite a conversation about monetary value and things that are of worth (since they are not always the same).  It was a glimps into things that are valuable to Lily.  For example, knowing the button on the elevator that gets you to your house is valuable.  This is so she always knows how to get home.  :)  Yeah....  *gulp*  I was surprised by that answer, but it made me feel good that she values knowing how to get home.  :)  This all turned into a lesson on family and the gospel and how our knowledge is very valuable, even though it isn't "worth" much.  She is so bright and smart.  I am pretty much amazed by her. 
This is a picture of her showing off her Terry Fox run tattoo.  :)  She said she ran sooo fast and proceeded to show me just how fast.  One minute she was running as fast as she could and the next she was flat on her back.  :)  She's going to be that girl on the basketball team that falls all the time and then jumps up to say "I am fine". 
We have been up to a lot lately.  I had my first tests of the semester on Thursday, which had me stressed of course.  I even went so far as to question why the heck I am going to school right now.  Especially when it would be so much easier another time... and the fact that I can't even think about another baby right now, because I don't want to be sick and prego and working and going to school and taking care of my babies.  :) Oh how I wish I could just stay home and cook and clean and do art projects all day with my girls and have babies and write in a journal and actually read the old testament all the way through and....  Well, you know.  But even as I write this, I feel that inner strength.  The kind that doesn't come from me.  It comes from somewhere deaper....  It's a quality that is built into each of us and "kicks in" when we need it the most...  I have struggled with the question of whether or not this is selfish...  What do my girls have to give up?  What do I give up?  What could be different...  But, as I study and learn, I am reminded that this is my path right now.  It won't always be this way, but for now it is right.  I am grateful for family that are so willing to help...  You make it that much easier for me... that much better.  I have been looking for ways to tell you how much your love means...  There never seems to be enough in the words I could say.  But I can tell you, my heart bursts a little at the support I feel from each of you.  I love you.

And in the middle of tests, a really great hockey game, stool samples, and questioning my life path :), I was able to accomplish one goal I set.  Do you remember?  The skirt.  Yess, I finished 3 skirts into the wee hours of the morning of the last day of September...  Talk about procrastination.  But I did it!!  Although, I did change it a little.  I heard somewhere that if you set goals that you realize you cannot accomplish, that doesn't mean you failed.  Just re-evaluate those goals and make them into something attainable.  So that is what I did.  Instead of making the cute skirts from sewing in no man's land, I made whirly skirts from danamadeit.com.  I am just excited I did them.  They really are nothing special, but it got my creative juices flowing again, and that is all that counts.  Here they are:

The one with the pink flower is Lily's and the yellow one is Lexi's.  I still want to sew a pretty button onto the center of the flower... 
And here is my version...  Cute.  Atleast I think so.  :)

It looks kindof funny because of the way it is hung, but I couldn't think of any other way to take a picture of it since its so big.  :)  I really wanted to take the girls out to the bird sanctuary in the city and take their pictures in them around the trees and leaves and bridges and ponds.  But, I am slowly learning to just "roll with it".  This was the best I could do.  Lily and Lexi both love them though.  (I am just not sure we can all wear them the same day...  might be a little too much.)  :)

PS> Not to brag or anything (ha!) but I got my first test mark back today and I scored 94%.  :)


  1. Nan love the skirts, yes you can all wear them at the same time. Read your pb and you will know you are doing right. love the blog

  2. Nan, I'm so proud of you....94%....way to go! And proud of Lily for running fast and figuring out what's REALLY valuable; for attacking those skirts and finishing them...they are so cute. Yes, you all wear them together. You're amazing...you were taught well! I prayed for years that there were little girls out there listening to their mothers. Whew! glad those prayers were answered.

  3. Wow, way to go at school. I don't know how you do it all. You're amazing!

  4. And all I can say is ditto- to everyone. You are amazing. I can't wait until we live a little bit closer... oh and I met NieNie yesterday....

  5. Natalie, I know I am so grateful that you are taking the small moment to journal your thoughts for us. I have loved reading this and getting to know you more. I love you! You are an amazing gal!

  6. Oh and I did a danamadeit skirt this week too. I will have to post it. Her stuff was not to bad to make. Congrats on the skirts they turned out really cute!

  7. Post it! Post it!! I want to see it. Plus, she has one I want to make too.
    And thanks for having your blog too. I love to feel like I can still be a part of your lives even though you are so far away.