Well, not too much has been happening lately.  Poor Lily and Lexi were stuck inside all afternoon while I studied for an exam.  Atleast they got out when their dad got home.  In fact, they went to the park AND the play place at the mall.  And they brought home tiny buckets of Kernels popcorn.  I know they must have had a blast! 
Anyways, it is now October and time to start thinking about packing boxes and halloween costumes.  Lily has finally settled on a Parrot.  I think I know how I am going to attempt that... but you will have to wait and see.  And I have narrowed it down to Tender heart bear or a shark for Alexis.  She would be cute as either one I am sure.  :) 
I also got to watch conference and it was so good.  It gave me a lot to think about and work on.  I kind of felt like it was just for me, which makes sense I guess.  :) 
I have also been starting to think about Christmas.  I have some great ideas, but I can't share them because then it will give away the surprise.  :)  So.... not too much to say lately.  But here is a picture of Lily's favorite hair accessory...
And here is her cute Curlie Sue look...

It eventually relaxed throughout the day and was actually really cute.  And she LOVES curly hair.  At least this way is fast and easy...  (nowadays, that is really important)  :)


  1. Love the curly hair Lily you look sooooo cute....

  2. love that pretty hair lily...

  3. Lily....your curly hair is gorgeous! Not sure what I like the best....the curls or the curlers!