Real Comfort

Yesterday was my last day of classes!  Woohoo!  I am not sure why this last semester was so difficult, but it really was a struggle and I am glad it is almost over.  I have two exams next week and one at the end of the month.
Going back to school really has been a blessing.  I have learned a great deal in and out of the classroom.  I will only get a 2-year certificate of General Studies, but I hope to use the courses I have taken toward a Bachelor of Science degree.  But, for now, I just need to take a break.  I keep thinking how nice it will be to just focus on being a mom again.
And then I found this...

I even printed it onto photo paper and I am going to put it up somewhere in my house for the days when I forget how wonderful it is to be home with my girls.  :)
Even now, I am sitting in a clean home - which yesterday was a wreck because I had an exam, a paper, and a book project due these past 3 days.  I love the smells and sounds of a clean home.  I really love the sound of the dryer going and the hum of the vacuum.  They are comforting, somehow.  And I love the satisfied feeling you get after the work is done.  So, now I get to drink herbal tea and catch up on my blog reading while Alexis naps.

I do have dreams and aspirations.  I know I will have days when I get the "itch" to BE someone/something.  But, I also know there is no more rewarding job than what I am doing right now.  I know my girls have given up a lot for me to go to school.  Often times I was too tired to play or joke. I had a hard time juggling them, work, school, homework, housework and time for myself.  So, for now I'm happy to focus on my family.  I know it is one decision I will never regret.  I do hope to work on my own aspirations and goals, but at less expense to my family.  At this point in my life, I want to shape, guide, and love those little spirits that I have the privilege to know.  And I am excited to vacuum everyday!


  1. I couldn't agree more! I was just chatting with Wes today about how much I love being home with my family. And, you have such cute girls! :)

  2. days may seem long, days may seem short, but time does fly on wings of lighting....and they really do before you know it your family is all grown up and doing their own thing.....getting on with their lives and you suddenly look around and ask where did the time go....so yes now is the time to enjoy the family, yet you can enjoy them too when they leave the nest, but you dont get to see them as often as now....so enjoy enjoy enjoy....