Tii-ii-iiime is On My Side, Yes It Is

Have you ever seen that movie with Denzel Washington with the evil spirit who keeps possessing people and you know where "it" is because the person always sings that song.... "Time is on my side, yes it is".  I don't remember what it is called, but the word Shadows is in the title somewhere....  Cool movie.... the ending kind of stunk... but you will know why if you have seen it...

Anyways, that is not what this is about.  I just thought of it when I wrote the title to this post.


Because I have not started studying for finals yet, I have had time to catch up on blogs...  And I have caught that creative DIY bug BIG TIME...  I have not refinished anything myself yet, but I have big plans as soon as the snow goes away for good.
We have this table.  It is light wood and white...  It is beat up, scratched up, painted up, and wiggly in spots.  So, after I add some wood glue to those wiggly spots, I am going to sand the heck out of it and then paint it so that it can look shiny and new!!  Yay.  Here are my inspirations for the project...  Which one do you like better?  (And, yes, I do really want to know.  I am not "just asking").

Option One come from Amanda M...  (here).
Here is her table "before"...  she has a cooler pedestal table then I do, but such is life...

And here is the before of her chairs:

(They are identical to mine)...

And here is her "after"....

(I LOVE it!!)

Here is option two... which I love just as much....  Hence, the dilemma...
(You can find it at k.f.d designs... here)

Aaaand... After:

I am kind of leaning toward option number 2...  only because our table has two leafs and it might be too much color if it is all blue....
And yet....  I love, love, love those chocolate brown chairs with the distressing....

Weigh in....  Tell me what you think...  (I can't wait until the snow melts and I can get started!!  And I might even get a tan...  well, that would probably be TOO much to ask for).  :)


  1. I was just looking at the K.F.D table yesterday. To be perfectly honest the first table was gorgeous the way it was, I'm sorry she painted it. Plus if you use the table alot and it's painted it will chip and look bad faster. I like a natural finish table and painted chairs, that's just me though. I LOVE the table in picture 2. There is another awesome one on her site too, it's an older post, that I think you would really like too (it's the same idea picture 2). My dad uses oven cleaner as a furniture stripper. Have fun!

  2. Good point, Naomi. (And, your dad uses oven cleaner? You should get him to do a tutorial. haha)

  3. oven cleaner smells,yuck....why dont you paint it a really fun color and give aha to the kitchen....

  4. You have quite possible inspired me! (again)
    I have a really crappy wood table and I think this would be a perfect project for me too. Of the above two choices I like the first but I agree on the paint issue and Naomi. Good luck. If I find any other ideas online I will send them your way. Luv ya!

  5. Thanks Adrianne. Please send me anything else you see that's good... I never come up with anything on my own but I am a pretty good copy-cat. :)

    Mom, I thought blue was a "pop" of color. haha... I know what you mean though. Everything we have is either brown or beige. :)