For Nana

Today is this lady's birthday....  
(HINT: not Sammy)

Here are some things I know and love about Sarah:
- She makes the best chicken/blue cheese dip I have ever tasted
- She has endured more than her fair share of horrible movies with me...  :)  (I still have not recovered from Elizabethtown).
- Her driving sometimes scares me.... at least you get there on time!  :)
- She claims that she is "not crafty", but has come up with some really cute and fun projects for us all to do together.
- Her grandchildren absolutely adore her.  (Just ask any of them...  they'll tell you).
- She can take ingredients that seem like they could never go together and make them into something soooo delicious.  (Curry goulash for example).
- She looks great in red.
- She has a MILLION pairs of shoes.  :)
- She is so willing to help each of us with whatever we need.  (Even if she ends up babysitting for one of us every day of the week.... )
- She tells really great stories...
- She is the glue.

I love this woman.  I am blessed to have her...  She teaches me a lot through her knowledge and example.  

Sarah, a piece of my heart belongs to you.  :)  I love you and hope you have a great birthday.


  1. Well, thank you Nan. That is the kindest thing I have received today. You truly are THE BEST (as a wise girl once said).
    PS- I'll try to work on that "driving thing".

  2. who wouldn't have an awesome birthday after reading that!!!!! Happy Birthday Sarah, we love you too! oh and your curry goulash or slop (is it the same thing?) is flippin yummy!!!!!!!