Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Why does time seem to pass faster each year?  How do kids get so much taller?  When did I become so much older?
With the beginning of a new year, I am excited at the possibilities.  I feel optimistic.  Maybe that's just the residue of all the Christmas cheer...  Speaking of Christmas cheer, here are a few highlights of this year's festivities.  It was a year of the usual... spending time with the ones we love, presents, good food (and a "good" 5 pounds or so), pictures, cousins, puppet shows, Christmas jammies, games, and laughs.  It really was a good time.

This is why I make this blog.  I want to remember all the little things..  Things like, my mom keeping a can of febreez by her side while we played cards because she had to sit by Taylor.  :)  And the little girls watching "A White Christmas" with Nana one quiet afternoon.  I want to remember Lexi watching Dora from her new Dora tent.  I hope I will always remember the Santa's helpers (mom and dad) who came over Christmas Eve and helped put together a kitchen and doll house until 2 in the morning.  I want to remember Ruby running around with the characters from Toy Story yelling "Run from uncle Taylor!"  I will never forget seeing Santa in Crampa's backyard, with the girls screaming and jumping up and down on the bed.  It really was a wonderful Christmas season.  It was over in a flash, but I am glad for the memories that last a lot longer.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas, we wish we could have been there. I think we're going to be out there for the next one!!!! oh and I gained about 5 too.

  2. My heart always warms when I read your blog. Great job, Nan. And I am so sorry that both Rubys have to fight off Taylor in their own ways! It was a great Christmas.

  3. Naomi, we always think about you guys at Christmas.. It would be awesome if you could make it next year!
    Thanks Sarah.. :) It was a great Christmas.

  4. haha such fun pictures, yes and the fabreeze was truely a life saver, no kidding....lol theres always a bottle of fabreeze ready haha, get pictures and great blog.....