Snowy Sunday

Sometimes things change as you get older.  You know what I mean...  For me, some things are all of a sudden different than before.  Like the day I learned that I do like those sweet pickles, even though I hated them until about 2 years ago.  My taste in music has definitely changed.  I no longer gravitate towards what is popular.  Now, I hate those songs after about a week because they are on the radio ALL THE TIME.  
I laugh when I think about what I used to wear to church when I was....  well, not that many years ago.    Seriously, jean skirts and flip flops.  Ha!  I had an intense hatred for all things crafty, about a year ago...  But that has changed and I am even planning my first tutorial (to come sometime in the near future, I hope).  Anyways, this whole thought process began when I was thinking about how much I love the snow.  I love how it crunches under the tires as you drive.  I love the cold of it.  (Especially when we are warm inside).  I used to hate the winter.... Now I love it.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the garage.  Hmmm...  Maybe.  

Anyways, I know I am just rambling.  Lily and I just had our traditional Sunday lunch... peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  That is one thing that hasn't changed...  I have loved those things (both the sandwiches and Lily) since my first encounter with them.  :)  Next up...  another of my favorite things.  Sunday nap with Alexis.  


  1. Winter is fine as long as it involves a pool, hot tub and green grass. I love the way the grass smells and the way the lawn mower whirrrrs (when someone else is using it). I love the screech of the tires when you take off from an intersection instead of the spinning of tires. What makes winter bearable is that you live close by.

    I love you. Brian

  2. I've solved my winter problem....I either stay inside by the fire or go away! Remember those choose your own adventure books? Well, I just choose my own winter!! There's opposition in all things....its the very cold snowy days that make me LOVE the melting hot sunshiny days!

  3. Sorry, I'm totally not a winter person at all. I love the spring, summer and fall, and being outside as much as I possibly can, which I guess is why I don't like winter. I can't wait till spring!!!!!!!!