I Wanna Turn the Whole Thing Upside Down

Ok.  I have a confession...  I took a "mental health" day today.  Which means, I didn't go to school.  And since Lily didn't have school today either, it also means I stayed in my pj's all... day... long.   In fact, I was just thinking I should change into clean ones before I go to bed.  (Ha!)  Instead of doing all the things I should have done, I slept in until 9 (it was the perfect day for the girls to sleep in!).  I have been feeling so worn down and defeated lately, so last night I planned my "Day of No Obligations"...  I didn't pay attention to the clock...  I didn't look at a school book or a sunday school lesson or anything important, for that matter.  Instead, me and the girls made cookies...  (which burned because I wasn't paying attention).  We played Barbies, which I haven't done in years.  I dressed the girls in pretty, fu-fu dresses and we danced to music until we were sweaty and tired.  Lily and I crafted while Lexi had her nap on the couch in front of cartoons (with a dirty face)...  We opened the curtains up wide and soaked in the sunshine.  I finally feel like myself again...  well, a stinky version of myself, since I didn't bother to shower today either.  :)  (Sorry, too much information?).

Was it irresponsible?  Yes.  
Should I have done the dinner dishes?  Definitely.
Will my hair forgive me for not brushing it?  Probably not.


Did I have fun?  Oh yeah.
Would I take it back?  Heck no.
Will I regret this day in the future?  As Lexi says...  Never, ever, ever. 


Let me show you how wonderful it really was... while you listen to this at the same time.

(Those are "egg" socks in each of the shoes...  In case you didn't know).  

Now I am ready to get back to the grind... :)


  1. Sounds like a PERFECT day to me! You are the mom I always wanted to be!

  2. I'm not like this everyday... wish I was.

  3. Pink piano! Pink mini-kitchen! Pink Barbie house! Holy cow, those girls are lucky. I want to move in. That day sounds awesome. Good for you.

  4. All 3 girls are so preeeeeettttttyyyyyy....