Bizzzzzzzy Bee

I have been pretty busy so far this weekend... At least it is the good kind of busy.  I am starting to get a few things prepared for Lily's birthday party...   Without giving too much away (because of course I will be posting about Lily's birthday later...), I will show you two of my favorite projects so far...

One:  Cake plates...  Aunt Tami professed her undying love for cake plates (which I totally share) and I knew I needed to make some for Lily's upcoming party...

Lily and I had fun spray painting them on Friday afternoon.  (My favorite is the clear glass plate with the chrome candlestick...  Lily's favorite is the pink one...)  Aunt Tami's cake plates beat mine in price and looks...  But, each one of my cake plates only cost $3.00.  (That is without counting the spray paint, since I have had it for over a year... otherwise... add, like, 50 cents).  Pretty good I think.  We are still gonna jazz them up with pretty ribbons for Lily's party.  (Now all I have to worry about is making the food look as good as the plates...  EEEK!  Aunt Tami, I NEED your super cupcake recipe).  I am sure there will be cooking disaster posts in the near future...  :)

The next project I was so happy with was her birthday invitations...  I was going to order greeting cards from Costco, so I signed up online so that I could order them without having to go down there with the girls...  Somehow, they always trick me into getting an ice cream sundae....  Anyways, we will just say I signed up to avoid the extra calories...  BUT, because I was a first time user, I got 60 free 4x6 prints...  So.... I made my own "greeting card" using picnik and then sent them off into cyberspace (Costco)...  And they were done the same day!  WOW!  Here they are..

We haven't actually handed them out yet...  But she will hand them out to her primary class tomorrow and then to some of the kids at school on Monday.  She has 27 or 28 kids in her kindergarten class this year (there were so many new kids the last few months of school, that I lost count).  That is a crazy number to handle at home, so we are letting her pick 5 or 6 friends from school...  I am still not sure this is the best way... I don't want kids to feel left out and sad if they don't get an invite, but 28 is way too many.  At first, I was going to say no kids from school... but she has made some really great friends this year...  Plus, Lily has never had a real birthday party, so we will try it out and see how it goes.

On a totally different note... I have caught the "refashion bug".  (I just erased a huge story about why I have caught the bug.... but I feel like this post goes on forever).  Anyways, here is one of my latest refashions:

Shirt Before:

I got this shirt like 2 years ago... It is big and "airy" and has an asymmetrical hem.  (What was I thinking?  Oh yeah.  I really loved the neckline and sparkly beading around it... That's why).  I just couldn't wrap my mind around the rest of it...  So it has sat in my drawer for... approximately 2 years...  until now.  :)

I measured it against another shirt that fits really well and sewed... 
Now its the perfect shirt to go with the new maxi skirt I made.. (more on that later too).  :)

Lastly, I have been considering starting a new blog that will be about all the projects I am doing.  This is so that those of you who just want to know what/how our family is doing don't have to read all the "in-between" posts...  What do you think?  And... What would I call it?


  1. I love your post just the way it is! I can't wait for the party! Well, that is, if I get an invitation????? I'm anxiously awaiting! but, if you want to have a separate blog for your projects (which seem to have a lot to do with sewing) I think you should call it..., Natalie's Notions. ("notions" meaning all the extra things that make the job pretty, fun, and enjoyable. Or Natalie's Notions and Nicknacks. Oh well, I tried!

  2. Cute stuff! Tell Lily I wish I could come for her party. So, what did you do to the shirt? I can tell the hem is different but did you make a whole new shirt and just add the bead collar? More details please!

  3. I love everything about this post! Those invitation were GREAT!!