Five More Minutes, Please?

Today's weather was wonderful!  We spent every minute we could outside.  I even have some color on my arms and face, as well as freckles...  (My legs are hopeless)...  :)  So, of course after school, the girls and I got a huge watermelon and roast chicken and met Taylor at a park for a picnic.  (There was a huge group of teenagers who had the same idea.  Usually I hate it when teenagers take over a park, but this group of 20 or more were so much fun to watch.  They were playing games and eating and enjoying the weather as well.  Every now and then you would hear them all yell and laugh.  You couldn't help but feel carefree with that kind of energy around.  It was awesome!).  Aaaaanyways,we had a great time outside at the park.  I even snapped a few photos.  Go figure.

And we ended the picnic with a sweet snack. ..

Lily loves the cones with the caramel in the middle.

And I couldn't help but stop in the middle of the bike trail to take a picture of this moment.  It doesn't even catch the real magic, but that's what it was.  Imagine Lexi strolling along in the warm sunshine with her hero and a large pink popsicle.  It gave me that lump in my throat.  It also made me think how lucky Taylor is to have two girls who absolutely adore him.  Lucky... (and he knows it).

When we got home I didn't want to do anything...  But, I made myself get off my butt and go for a run.  I did the whole "loop".  I didn't run the whole way... I ran a little less than 3/4 of it (and that was more than I thought I could do since I have only been running half a loop for about 2 weeks... This was my first full loop trial run).  The tough part is the very last stretch...  It is all uphill and by the time I get there, my lungs and legs are burning.  But I set a goal  of 90 minutes to finish the whole thing and I did it in 80.  (Now I need to work on cutting that time by 30 minutes).  I WILL make it up that hill without stopping by the end of this running season...  Right?  THIS is my new favorite running song. (The video is pretty awesome too).  Maybe it will give me that extra "something" I need to run up that hill.  :)

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