After getting upset with Lily (for something I found out later she didn't even do), I came upstairs and saw this...

It made me laugh so hard, I was crying.  That poor little girl.  She is such a great helper and so good to her sister.  Sometimes I feel like we are too hard on her.  Sometimes I think I should try a different parenting technique, or maybe I shouldn't expect so much out of her... but then I see what an amazing little girl she is and I can picture the beautiful woman she will become and I think Taylor and I are doing okay.  (Of course there are days I cry and feel like the worst mother ever, but I have learned that even parents need humility and if we are willing to admit our mistakes... then we will be all the better for it).  
Lily, Taylor, and I had a good talk after this.  (She had been grouchy all day long and needed an intervention).  Afterwards, there was hugs, kisses, and lots of positive reinforcement.  
I feel like even though punishment and discipline can be a hard thing, if it is paired with kind words, love, and plenty of attention, it will be all the better for our girls and they will always know they are loved.

Anyways.... On another note...

I wanted to start something new on this blog.  I am always amazed by the creativity of my children.  They express it in many ways.  One way is clothing.  So, I am going to post some of the outfits Lily has come up with (on her own - I will take no credit for these creations!).  I just have to share some of the things she insists on wearing....  I am telling ya, that girl is ahead of her time!  Here are a few I have captured so far...

I call this look "Dressual" - the new dressy/casual.  It consists of a cute dress, cuffed shorts, knee socks, and dirty old running shoes.  Perfection!

I call this one "Manfused"... That stands for matching/confused.   I'm not sure why she is wearing jeans under her skirt... but her socks to match her sweater... (well, the fact that her socks match each other is good enough for me).

 This one is called "Canadian Winter"...  The girl is so desperate to keep warm that she has to wear her earmuffs over her toque.  I couldn't talk her out of it.

 This one shows Lily's wild side.  She loves to wear her leopard print shirt and act like wild animals.  (At least she matches... I had to talk her out of buttoning up her cardigan all the way).

This last one just shows me how much this girl loves fashion...  Her favorite game at the mall is hiding among the mannequins.  I can't even find her... she fits right in.  :)


  1. I LOVE dressual! Totally made me laugh! My girls came running to see what the commotion at the computer was :) I cant hardly wait to see you guys!!