2 With Three Fingers Up

Lily never went through the so called "terrible two's".  She was actually quite sweet...  and I should say, she still is.  Anyways, I am crossing my fingers it will be the same with Lexi.........

 Here she is on her 2nd day "here".  She was sooo mushy!

I remember waiting for the monster baby to come out... but slowly I started to realize that I got one,    I got a baby that hardly ever cries!  Lucky me!!  She was so sweet from the very beginning and she stole my heart right away.

Then one day, she developed her own silly personality...  
Here she is and she's TWO today!!  (She says she's two, but holds up 3 fingers...  We are working on it.)

I love you Lexi!!


  1. What a sweetie! I want to hold her, please.

  2. I can't believe she is two!! She is so sweet.... I love her.

  3. I love her! I can still hear her rolling down the stairs this past summer. Poor little baby!

  4. I think last summer Austin did enough crying for both of them!!! She was such a good baby! And she is super cute, we can't wait to see her and Lily again. Happy Birthday Lexie!!!

  5. She IS so cute! And has a most pleasant disposition....always has! Our little "Dorla" lover. Hope she has fun with all those Dora the Explorer toys. Happy Birthday little Lexie!

  6. Wow what a kid ... to have soooo many people loving her... she is a keeper...Oh, I didnt call her for her birthday....sorry lexie