I got my very first welcome mat today.  :)  I thought it was worthy of a post.  I really wish I could upload some pictures but my camera cords are still packed in the sea of boxes somewhere.  Hopefully it won't take long to unpack the rest. 
So many changes....  Where to start?
We moved into a new place that is big and beautiful and makes me happy. :) 
Taylor was made a permanent member of the Antosz Orthodontics lab team!
Lily is now registered and attending her new school.  (Second first day...  I cried... Go figure).
Alexis has some weird fettish with "Dorla", or to the rest of us, Dora the Explorer.
My Mom and Dad moved into their new house and we love it.  Lily asked if we could sleep there "again and again and again and again..." - you get the drift.
I keep getting A's in my English class and have a real urge to develop that talent a little more and maybe, one day, have a story published.
Speaking of English, I enrolled in Intro to Children's Lit for next semester.  I am kindof excited.
I am working a little more now (3 days a week) and really love the girls I work with.
I applied to SAIT to become a Radiologis Technologist again this year.  But... this time I went early and applied during the open house so my name would be near the top of the list (hopefully).  Cross your fingers...  I would love to get in. 

I know that is not all of it, but it is all I can think of now. 
I am just feeling good right now.  It feels so great to do your own laundry in your house.  It should be illegal to be so excited about that, but it puts a smile on my face every time.  :)  (even now actually).  It feels great to be able to go to school and learn and feel my mind expand to include new concepts.  It feels good that my girls are being well taken care of when I am at school and that I don't have to worry about them.  Now, if someone could just give me a baby, so I wouldn't have to go through all the pregnancy and delivery and stuff, that would be PERFECT!  It would fit perfectly in my timeline if that someone would give him/her to me after exams in April.  That would be awesome.  (And no, this is not an announcement....  just a common wish).

Well, I can hear girls goofing off in the bedroom down the hall and I better go check. 
Sorry about all the text...  like I said,... no cords.  But I promise the next post will be full of silly pictures!  :)


Oh... and the song of the weekish is: Dream a Little Dream of Me.  :)


  1. awe nan what happened to the days when we got excited about those new pair of shoes or the new dress,....now we are getting excited about washer and dryers....hum....looks like reality set in. ....lol

  2. I am so excited for you- and I was feeling out of the loop- (I wrote you that facebook message before I read this post) but now I feel like I am back in it. I am glad that you are in a house and that everything seems to be looking up for you... I want to go back to school....

  3. Yay for Taylor!!! It sounds like life is pretty busy for you guys. I was super excited when we moved in our place and had our own washer and dryer again, and our own DRIVEWAY!!!! honestly! I want to see pictures of the house when you find your camera cords!!!!!!!!