Yes...  It's true.  I found the camera cords.  Yay!  So many things to update...  so little time...
We will start with pictures of packing up the old house...

(I should be ashamed, but we were moving...  so I'm not).
Next is our trip to the bird sanctuary in september...

(This is our version of trail mix...  Cheerios, Fruit Loops, and Gold Fish.  mmmm.... (Don't mind Lily's face, she really did like them)).

 (These birds liked our trail mix too.  They seriously wouldn't leave us alone...  They FOLLOWED us, hopping from branch to branch until they got their fruit loops.  Greedy birds...)
(This is a picture of the girls watching the birds, watching us...).
Next, is Halloween and moving my parents into their new house, since they happened simultaneously...
 (This is a Unicorn Pegasis if you didn't know...).
 (This one is the cutest dragon I know!)

(Mmmm...  Pizza and supermodels!!  :) )
 (Twin cousins enjoying way too much candy).  :)
(This is what you look like after 3 full days of moving...  Thanks again Whit and Coly!)

And here is some fun in the new house!!
 (Lily handed candy out on Halloween because we Taylor didn't want to be "the people who didn't hand out candy on Halloween" to our new neighbors..  And I love candy.)
 She had so much fun and actually waited at the door for trick-or-treaters.  Around 845 I asked if she wanted to turn out the light and keep the rest for herself, but she wouldn't.  She gave out every last bit of candy we had.  Better for me, I say.
 (The pantry is Lexi's "new house".  She loves it in there!)
 (This is Lily eating a mandarine orange like its a gold fish.  haha)
(The girls love the jets in the tub.  They keep begging to have baths.  :)  Makes my life easier.)

Well, I was going to say that was it... but here is one more thing...

This "hat" is a weird ball Santa gave Lexi for Christmas last year...  We couldn't justify packing it, so Tay cut a hole in it and made it into weird hair.  :)  (No, it did not make it to the new house.  Thank goodness!)

And that's all folks... At least for now.


  1. Jealous- you got to have pizza with supermodels....
    Also Alexis and Holly are the cutest twin cousins EVER.
    And I love Lily.

  2. haha, I love alexis in her 'hat' I love seeing all the pictures of those cute girls!!!! oh and I'm totally jealous that you have a jacuzzi!!!!!!!!!!

  3. The pictures were totally worth the wait! What a couple of cuties you have!

  4. I'm sure glad you found those cords!! It WAS worth the wait! The girls are so cute. I love having them near. Good job Nan.