Ok.. Not this one, the next one... :)

I check this blog out sometimes...  when I need to be reminded...  I am amazed by Prestley's story and I know you would be too...  (I started following this blog the day after Prestley fell into the canal.  You can follow her story from the beginning.  It is an amazing story of love, family, and faith.)

*Be ready for a good cry.  I mean a gooood cry. 

And I am listening to this while I try to put thoughts together for my english project..  :)
(Which probably won't get done tonight...  hopefully tomorrow.  I am beat).


  1. I went and read this blog.... Sloan came home to me crying and reading this blog. Sloan asks what I'm doing... I say reading this blog that Natalie had a link to.... Sloan says who's blog is it?..... I say I don't know, and it's really sad.... Sloan says then why are you reading it if you know it's sad, stop reading it.... Men, just don't get it huh? It was very sad, but inspiring too, thanks for sharing.

  2. I'm glad you liked it! I know what you mean about men. I tried to tell Taylor about how inspiring it was and he really didn't get it. Men.