Stole My Heart

This song of the weekish is dedicated to Taylor....  He knows why.  (muffled laugh)

Stole My Heart.

I was at fabricland today for their super 50% off day!  It was wonderful and that is alot to say because Alexis was with me.  But, it was wonderful because I came across this:

This is on my list... the long one... I guess you could call it a "I hope I get around to making this" list.  :)
And I do.


  1. I like the neckline.... and I like you.

  2. Ohhhhhhh! I love this. I need a good pattern for a dress with pockets. I was thinking the other day that I definitely could be sewing my own wardrobe. I could totally do it and it would be very satisfying.

    I can't wait to see your finished product.

  3. oops its Cheryl not Justin- though I am sure he likes the neckline and you as well...

  4. Oh Cheryl you crack me up....hahahahaha

  5. Very cool. Good luck with that! Im in the middle of a few projects myself. I will post when Im done!

  6. That is just a perfect dress for you! You will look so cute in that.