Ok, this post is dedicated to Aunt Tami and any other Diet Coke lovers/addicts out there.  :)

Today I learned something about Diet Coke...  Here's the story...

Alexis is still not feeling well.  She has not been able to shake this bug or whatever it is.  I was going to put more details than that, but I will spare everyone.  Anyways, it has gotten to the point that I am actually kind of worried about her.  She has lost her spunk.  She lays around alot and wants to be with me at all times.  (Which makes going to school and work pretty hard).  Anyways, we went to the doctor and he said put her on the BRAT diet.  That's Bananas, Rice, Apple sauce, and Tea, but since we don't drink tea and niether does the doc, he told me to substitute Toast for Tea.  :)  I thought it was quite cute.  He seemed concerned that it has lasted so long and he gave me the paperwork I needed to bring in a sample of Lexi's stool.  (yeah, how the heck do I get a sample of.... never mind).  Then he said that there was something else I could do, but it might seem a little strange.  He said that she needs to drink Diet Coke.  That's right folks, the doctor prescribed Diet Coke.  He said it would help to kill any bacteria that may be lingering and since it's diet, it doesn't have any sugar, which is good because she shouldn't be having sugar while she is feeling this way.  Anyways, I thought that I should just put this in writing to say Aunt Tami may be an addict, but that's a good thing.  Not only is Diet Coke better for you than regular coke, it is a form of medicine.  (Good thing she always has one on hand, eh?)
So everyone raise their glass.... Diet Coke, this one's for you.  :)
Here is a picture of Lexi with her very own...
And since I have been up nights with Lexi, I didn't hear Lily get up at 6:15...  And here is a sample of what she finds funny....

As you can imagine, these are not all the pictures I found on my camera.  There were about a hundred.  Some were funny faces, cartoons, her feet in different places and poses.  Some were even of Lexi and me sleeping, which really creeps me out because I did not hear a thing.  Anyways, it was cold and rainy outside today and it is supposed to be worse tomorrow.  But I can't help being excited to wear sweaters again.  I love the leaves changing colors and falling.  :)  And I am already starting to feel all Halloweeny...  (What?  That's a word, ok.)   Oh and before I forget, here is a teaser...  well a picture of the fabric I picked for the girls skirts.  I can't wait until they can actually wear them.  :)


  1. Who doesnt love that Lily...the things she thinks of doing at 6:15am...I had my laugh for the day....

  2. I think Lily is a natural photographer!!! She certainly sees things differently!! I would have never thought to photograph milk. Also I think she is on to something with that last picture for ON-LINE DENTISTRY.
    I think they should change the name of Diet Coke to Dr.Diet Coke. The "Dr." makes everything medicinal...that's what I have been told!

  3. Yay! It's nice to know I am making an impact on someone! I agree with Sarah! Diet Coke is medicinal.

    I hope little Alexis is feeling better. Poor little girl!

  4. Oh, and I DO always have one on hand AND one hidden!!!