I think I can, I think I can, I think I can...

OK.  So I was perusing one of my favorite blogs today (http://www.dana-made-it.com/) and found out that September is national sewing month in the US.  Since our family is half US (well, Taylor is) I decided that we could participate.  Anyways, on Dana's blog she shares some ways to celebrate this sewing month.  One of them is by finishing a project you have wanted to do, but have never got around to....  I do not profess to be a good sewer... actually, I am too impatient and I hate ironing, but this time will be different.  It's national sewing month, for pete's sake.  Anyways, I have picked a project I want to finish before the end of September.  Now, keep in mind that I just started school again (in fact, today was my very first day) and I have 2 rowdy girls and I have the smallest apartment ever....  But, against all these odds, I shall conquer this project!  Do you want to know what it is?  Ok.  I found it on Sewing in no man's land.  It is called the "Taking Notes Skirt" and I want to make one for each of my girls... Here's a picture...
This is the Little Girl version.  If I get ambitious, I may make myself one to match...
Cute right?  And seemingly simple.  I just wish Adrianne was here to show me how to sew a straight line.  :)
Anyways, by the end of this month, there WILL be a post showing two sweet little girls in charming "Taking Notes Skirts".  You all will be amazed... as will I.  Wish me luck.  I really, really need it.


  1. I love the skirt! It is super cute. Can you make one for me and maybe Jenna too?
    How are you doing? I am proud of you for blog/journaling life. You will be glad you did! Any chance you guys are coming for a visit anytime soon? Miss you guys! Violet

  2. Violet! I was just telling Taylor YESTERDAY that we need to come out and see you guys. :) I am going to do some practice skirts for me and the girls. If I can make one that I am not ashamed to wear, I will make you and Jenna one, for sure. :)

  3. Ooo I LOVE it! I may have to steal this one!

  4. they will look adorable on all 3 of you....lol

  5. I love it too! Do you have the pattern? Is it a PDF version? I can't find it on the Made website.

  6. I still haven't figured out how to post a link to the site, but it is off of "Sewing in no mans land" blog. It isn't a pdf but she has really great instructions on how to do it....