Foremost in my mind...

Well, this past weekend Lily, Lexi, Whitney, and I made our way down to Foremost for one of the last visits before my parents move into their new home.  We always really enjoy ourselves when we are there, but this time was especially fun.  It was my niece, Katelyn's, birthday and it was fun to actually be around for that.  My parents gave me tons of books that the girls love....  Like 2 big boxes of books and I think we have read through almost a whole box already.  My girls love to go see their grandparents.  Each day leading up to our visit, Lily would tell me how many more sleeps until Grammies house.  It is amazing that she can remember something like that, but she can't remember to turn the bathroom light off...  :)  Here are a few of the photos we took while we were down there.  (I didn't get very many because I forgot to charge my battery..  oops).
And I got to drive my sister's brand new Kia Soul.  It is so cute and has an amazing amount of room on the inside.  :) 
I am glad we were able to visit Foremost.  When we go down to help my parents move, I predict that leaving that town behind will be harder than I thought.


  1. And I don't even get to say goodbye.... Maybe I will try to make it to Alumni...

  2. well you can always come and visit me. as we will still be close to the town. so your good bye wont be so hard. right.