More Moments to Remember

Last saturday we went to the Dr. Antosz picnic.  They were raising funds for Right to Play and celebrating 20 years at their current location.  Anyways, it was so fun so I thought I would show you some pictures. 
This was Lily's favorite part...
And here's how high she actually is...

She did so great.  She wasn't even scared!  And her favorite part was coming down.  As she was being lowered, she would kick off the wall and kind of fly.  You know, like spiderman.  :)
Alexis had a good time too.  Other than the bouncy houses, her ribbon was her favorite part. 
It was a fun day.  We were all wiped out when we got home.  :)
And this is what Lexi and I did while Lily was in school today...
And, surprisingly, that's it.  Today pictures are worth a thousand words.  :)


  1. She is so darn cute!! Lily look SO big. I miss those girlos....

  2. Sooooo cute! Lexie is just the sweetest, isnt she?

  3. I know, Lily did so good. I don't think there is much she won't do. :) And Lexi already thinks she is a big girl, so I'm sure she will be right along there with Lily in a few years. :)