When will the madness end?!

Oh boy...  I don't even know where to start.  .... ..... .... Really...  Well, here's a list of why I haven't posted in a while (even tho I scolded my own sister because she never posted)..
1) This is the first night in 6 (yes six) that one of my girls has not thrown up... atleast not yet.
2) I had to change Lexi's messy diaper about 35 times today.  Seriously I went through half a bag of diapers... how many is that?
3) Our car blew up and I have been on the hunt... which may be one of my favorite things.  Sometimes I just look at cars for fun... I think I get that from when I lived with my Uncle Joe.
4) Since our household is sick, there is lots of cleaning.  But, seriously, I can't keep up with it all because I don't have my own washer and dryer and it is hard to drag kids to do laundry when they are sick all over the place.
5) School has started for Lily
6) School starts for me on Thursday and I still haven't got my books yet.
7) I am so stressed I hardly sleep anymore and then walk around like a zombie all day long...

I think I need a hot shower and a few episodes of Friends... Heck, I'm not going to sleep anyways.  :)

PS> sorry if this was a downer, there are many wonderful things in my life, these are just a few of those things that keep me busy and tired.  :)  Plus, it is hard to think of anyting else when your house has that "sick" smell...  you know what I mean, right?


  1. Sad- the sick smell. I greatly dislike that smell. GET SOME SLEEP. I think you need it. The girls will feel better soon, you will find a car that works for you (you always do), you never need your books for the first day of school- heck sometimes you don't even need your books AT ALL, and thats about it. Just know I post for you....

  2. Hey, Natalie, I have only posted twice since my resolve to be a blogger. YOu are doing much better than me!. Good luck with the poop and puke.

  3. Thanks guys! Your comments help me to keep my focus.