'Tis the Season...

I love Christmas!  I love seeing all the little girls in their Christmas dresses at church.  I love the cold and snow.  I love the goodies.  I love Santa.  I love reading about the birth of the Savior.  I love Christmas movies and decorations.  Here are some photos of Christmas around our house the past few weeks...

Lexi and Lily's visit with the Bass Pro Santa. (He looks like the real deal to me).

 Lexi and Lily both had TONS of fun at Crampa's Christmas Party.

They got their faces painted like kitties...  Lily's is pink and Alexis' is blue...  you know, to match their dresses.  

Lily just before we left for her first Winter concert ever!!

Alexis liked her ornament "earing"... 

Here's a shot of Lily with her kindergarten class.  (Man, I love her!)

Here she is helping me dip pretzels into chocolate.  She liked that they look like hearts.  I do too.  

Here is my little helper...  I think I need to make her an apron that actually fits...  hmmm...  Stocking stuffer?

Here is our version of "boots-a-monkey".  Or, in non-Lexi language, Dora's side kick Boots.

And, Lily made this Rudolf head all by herself.  Seriously, she came upstairs with this and we were blown away!

Okay, this one is just a picture of Lily being Lily.  :)

And both of my girls decorating sugar cookies.  (Oh, Dana, if you read this..  I'm sorry Taylor gave you these. I forgot the vanilla in the cookies, but I let the girls decorate them anyways because its fun.  I have much better goodies for you guys, I promise.)  :)

This was a picture overload.  I am sorry for that, but allow me one more moment to show off my beautiful girls.  This is a video clip of Alexis singing "Twinkle, Twinkle" late one night when she and I were the only ones awake...  I think its one of the cutes things ever, but that might be because I'm her mom.  :)


Christmas Music

I have been so busy lately...  I have been trying to listen to Christmas music as much as I can because December is flying by!  But I have been searching for something....  more, you know?  To make the season special...  To bring Christ back into Christmas..  Anyways, it wasn't until today that I really felt it.  And you know what, the music didn't come from some famous singer or some Christmas movie... I came from the CD called Praise to the Man.  I don't even know why it was in the car, but it gave me that special Christmas spirit driving home tonight.  Wanna hear it?

Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing "This is My Beloved Son"

I hope you are all feeling that special Christmas joy.  :)


What now?

Taylor should never be allowed near computers...
 He "upgraded" our internet explorer and I HATE IT!  I don't know what version it is...  but I want to know how to uninstall it.  It is slower and doesn't let me do a lot of the things I used to be able to do.... like insert pictures onto my blog.  And it is waayyy slower and it doesn't work consistently.  I am constantly having to close it down and start again, which is not fun if you are trying to watch Grey's Anatomy and you don't have cable, so the only other option is online.  :(

So... Does anyone have any suggestions.  I tried the control panel, but there is no button that says add/remove hardware... there is no button that says add/remove anything...

Did I mention I HATE the new version of internet explorer?  hmmmm.... well, if I haven't then I definately should.