If a girl forgets about her own blog... was it ever really there?

I have been avoiding my blog...  Not because I had writer's block, but because there are way too many things to write and I never know where to start.... so, I didn't.  

So many fun things have happened this month... Easter at Grammie and Papa's house, sunny days at the park, the TOFW conference, family photos....  And those are just the things I have documented with pictures.  I have also been reading A LOT lately.  I have read some really inspirational books.  I have read a couple classics I have been dying to read.  I have read some "bestsellers".   I have read some of the books I have loved and read many times before.    

Needless to say, there are a few quotes and ideas I would love to share about those books as well.   (I am hurt that no one thought to warn me that I would end up bawling at the end of "A Tale of Two Cities"... ).

But for now, I will just share some of the surprise photos I found in my camera as I downloaded them onto my computer from Lily's last photo shoot....    I hope you enjoy!

Lily is ready for facebook!!  She has the "pout while taking a picture" thing down!