I Wanna Turn the Whole Thing Upside Down

Ok.  I have a confession...  I took a "mental health" day today.  Which means, I didn't go to school.  And since Lily didn't have school today either, it also means I stayed in my pj's all... day... long.   In fact, I was just thinking I should change into clean ones before I go to bed.  (Ha!)  Instead of doing all the things I should have done, I slept in until 9 (it was the perfect day for the girls to sleep in!).  I have been feeling so worn down and defeated lately, so last night I planned my "Day of No Obligations"...  I didn't pay attention to the clock...  I didn't look at a school book or a sunday school lesson or anything important, for that matter.  Instead, me and the girls made cookies...  (which burned because I wasn't paying attention).  We played Barbies, which I haven't done in years.  I dressed the girls in pretty, fu-fu dresses and we danced to music until we were sweaty and tired.  Lily and I crafted while Lexi had her nap on the couch in front of cartoons (with a dirty face)...  We opened the curtains up wide and soaked in the sunshine.  I finally feel like myself again...  well, a stinky version of myself, since I didn't bother to shower today either.  :)  (Sorry, too much information?).

Was it irresponsible?  Yes.  
Should I have done the dinner dishes?  Definitely.
Will my hair forgive me for not brushing it?  Probably not.


Did I have fun?  Oh yeah.
Would I take it back?  Heck no.
Will I regret this day in the future?  As Lexi says...  Never, ever, ever. 


Let me show you how wonderful it really was... while you listen to this at the same time.

(Those are "egg" socks in each of the shoes...  In case you didn't know).  

Now I am ready to get back to the grind... :)


Happy Happy Birthday Grammie!

I have learned a few things during my 25 years of life...  It doesn't seem like a substantial length of time to some, but I have had certain years that have caused significant learning curves...   Some of the lessons have been long and painful... others have been slower and less noticeable, until one day, it all "clicks" and I can feel myself stretching and growing.  

Here are a few things I have learned...
1) Having no money stinks... but you sure do learn a lot about yourself.  Things like, do I base importance of myself and others on material things?  How creative can I be with the limited amount of money I do have.  :)  
2) Loneliness can be self-inflicted.  I am quiet and shy.  I do not make friends easily.  I am sort of awkward and people usually don't like me the first time they meet me.  I used to just give up the first time, but I have realized that this is the real problem...  People are more inclined to be a friend to someone who means it, you know? 
3) I have learned that Faith is not blind.  No one is ever asked to have faith, just to have it....  Seek... Ask... Find.... (Period.)

Some of these lessons I have learned on my own.  Some came from Family Home Evenings past. 

But most of them came from somewhere else... from someone else.  Lessons on the ABC's to manners to unconditional love.  These lessons have been taught by a strong and constant force...  My Mom!  :)  

It is her birthday today and I just wanted to tell her I love her.  :)  My Mom was the one to teach me how to find a good deal...  She has always cautioned me to save, instead of spend... (I'm working on it!)   Mom raised me in a home that encouraged individuality and self-esteem.  She taught me to love my family by teaching me to get along with my sisters...  Because she knew, in the future, I would need the relationship I now have with Kathy, Cheryl, and Whitney.  She has taught me to be kind and friendly...  Mom has taught me what it means to have faith... even when that means having the faith to drag your family an hour and a half to and from church every Sunday.  

These are all lessons she taught me in the past, but there are lots she continues to teach me now too.  Here is one of my favorite pictures of two of my favorite people.  
This is my favorite because it is so candid...  It looks like I could be standing in that kitchen with them.  But there is an important lesson I learn through this picture of my mom...  We were staying at their house for the weekend...  We had all stayed up way too late the night before, playing games or watching movies and I remember being soooo tired.  So, I tip-toed downstairs and had myself a nice, long nap.  While I was napping, someone snapped this picture of Lily and Grammie making pies together.  What a wonderful picture to remind me of what it means to serve others.  It doesn't have to be extravagant...  It doesn't have to be for a good friend or a stranger or someone who you think "needs" it.  I'm sure my Mom was tired, but she chose to spend her time doing one of Lily's favorite things... baking.  And Lily loves Grammie all the more for these special moments spent together.   And so do I.  So, thank-you for sharing your experience and knowledge.  Thanks for teaching with love.... and allowing me to always say "my mom said no" if there was anything I needed to "get out of".  I know I have many, many, many lessons to learn, but, because of you, I think I have a pretty good start.


Circle Skirts and Sprinklers

I can't seem to kick the January blues...

And, I will admit, I am ready for no more winter....

I am ready to spend days outside in the backyard we wanted so badly last year.

I am ready to make Circle Skirts.

I am ready to be finished this semester...  it has only just begun (ha) and I can't wait for it to be over.

So... the Song of January-ish is Jar of Hearts by Christina Perri... since it matches my mood perfectly.  :)
(Here is a version by Krista Nicole that I think I like even better than the original..)

Sorry this is such a downer...  I'm just ready for June.  :)


For Nana

Today is this lady's birthday....  
(HINT: not Sammy)

Here are some things I know and love about Sarah:
- She makes the best chicken/blue cheese dip I have ever tasted
- She has endured more than her fair share of horrible movies with me...  :)  (I still have not recovered from Elizabethtown).
- Her driving sometimes scares me.... at least you get there on time!  :)
- She claims that she is "not crafty", but has come up with some really cute and fun projects for us all to do together.
- Her grandchildren absolutely adore her.  (Just ask any of them...  they'll tell you).
- She can take ingredients that seem like they could never go together and make them into something soooo delicious.  (Curry goulash for example).
- She looks great in red.
- She has a MILLION pairs of shoes.  :)
- She is so willing to help each of us with whatever we need.  (Even if she ends up babysitting for one of us every day of the week.... )
- She tells really great stories...
- She is the glue.

I love this woman.  I am blessed to have her...  She teaches me a lot through her knowledge and example.  

Sarah, a piece of my heart belongs to you.  :)  I love you and hope you have a great birthday.


Snowy Sunday

Sometimes things change as you get older.  You know what I mean...  For me, some things are all of a sudden different than before.  Like the day I learned that I do like those sweet pickles, even though I hated them until about 2 years ago.  My taste in music has definitely changed.  I no longer gravitate towards what is popular.  Now, I hate those songs after about a week because they are on the radio ALL THE TIME.  
I laugh when I think about what I used to wear to church when I was....  well, not that many years ago.    Seriously, jean skirts and flip flops.  Ha!  I had an intense hatred for all things crafty, about a year ago...  But that has changed and I am even planning my first tutorial (to come sometime in the near future, I hope).  Anyways, this whole thought process began when I was thinking about how much I love the snow.  I love how it crunches under the tires as you drive.  I love the cold of it.  (Especially when we are warm inside).  I used to hate the winter.... Now I love it.  I wonder if that has anything to do with the garage.  Hmmm...  Maybe.  

Anyways, I know I am just rambling.  Lily and I just had our traditional Sunday lunch... peanut butter and banana sandwiches.  That is one thing that hasn't changed...  I have loved those things (both the sandwiches and Lily) since my first encounter with them.  :)  Next up...  another of my favorite things.  Sunday nap with Alexis.  


Time Flies When You're Having Fun

Why does time seem to pass faster each year?  How do kids get so much taller?  When did I become so much older?
With the beginning of a new year, I am excited at the possibilities.  I feel optimistic.  Maybe that's just the residue of all the Christmas cheer...  Speaking of Christmas cheer, here are a few highlights of this year's festivities.  It was a year of the usual... spending time with the ones we love, presents, good food (and a "good" 5 pounds or so), pictures, cousins, puppet shows, Christmas jammies, games, and laughs.  It really was a good time.

This is why I make this blog.  I want to remember all the little things..  Things like, my mom keeping a can of febreez by her side while we played cards because she had to sit by Taylor.  :)  And the little girls watching "A White Christmas" with Nana one quiet afternoon.  I want to remember Lexi watching Dora from her new Dora tent.  I hope I will always remember the Santa's helpers (mom and dad) who came over Christmas Eve and helped put together a kitchen and doll house until 2 in the morning.  I want to remember Ruby running around with the characters from Toy Story yelling "Run from uncle Taylor!"  I will never forget seeing Santa in Crampa's backyard, with the girls screaming and jumping up and down on the bed.  It really was a wonderful Christmas season.  It was over in a flash, but I am glad for the memories that last a lot longer.