Sunny Spots on a Rug

So, the weather forecast for Saturday is.... snow.  I am really not excited about it, so that is all I will say about it.

INSTEAD, we are trying to celebrate the spring-like feel that is in the air today.  It is so sunny and bright.  I just want to lay in the warm patch of sun on the rug and have a nap.  How wonderful does that sound?  Too bad I have two very energetic and silly girls...  Seriously, the majority of sentences out of Lily's mouth start with, "Mom, just pretend...."

So, we went to the dollar store to try to find a fun spring craft idea and we found the cutes little wooden bird houses.  Here we are painting them bright spring colors...

We also got fake birds to go into them, so they can be hung in the girls' rooms.  

Here are Lily's Humming Birds...

This is Lexi's "Red Bird"... 

This project was so fun.  The girls worked for over an hour painting their bird houses. 
Here are the finished products...
I know they are the sort of thing only a child and her mother could love... but I do.  :)

We also got to take a trip to Grammie and Papa's house a couple weeks ago for my birthday!  It was so nice to be with them.  We ate way too many Crave cupcakes, did a little shopping, and played the Xbox Kinect.  My dad even made me his famous baking powder biscuits.  (They are the best... Maybe that is why I am such a snob when it comes to pilsbury...)  :)  Grammie and Auntie Cheryl made all the kids play dresses and crowns.  Grammie even got special dress up shoes from the Disney store.  The girls loved them!  They can't wait to go back and wear them for one of Grammie's special Hot Chocolate parties.  Here are some photos of the trip...

The funnest moments there were watching Lily, Grammie, and Auntie Kathy dancing with the Kinect.  Haha.  I wish I could share the video, but if I did, I would have to go into hiding.  :)

Oh, and my song-of-the-"springish" is Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain".  (Because, instead of snow, I wish it would rain).


If I could relive moments... This would be one.

One of my greatest regrets in life is forgotten memories.  So many days fly by without notice... It has been 22 days since my last post....  
After getting home from delicious birthday dinner at Nana and Crampa's house, we got the girls ready (and into) bed.  BUT... somehow I got talked into letting the girls watch one episode of the Berenstain Bears.  "Fine," I said.  "But then it is right to sleep!"  (Yeah, and the girls were thinking "Sucker!").   
Taylor and I were watching a movie in the family room at the same time.  Well, I don't know if they heard the crinkle of the paper or smelled the tasty smell of goodies, but no sooner were the treats opened that Lexi was sneaking out to get baby handfuls of goodies.  She tried so hard not to be seen (which is pretty much impossible when you manage to dump the whole bag of chips on the floor).  We could barely hear the instructions Lily gave her before she left... "Be quiet Lexi.  Don't let them hear you."  
Just at that moment, with Lexi in her fleece-footed jammies and Lily whispering ways to not get caught.... I wanted to freeze frame right there.  They are so big already.  They can't get any bigger, can they?  I want to freeze the moments when I get to pick them up and kiss their "owies" and the moments when I ask them if they know they are beautiful and they answer with a confident "yes".  

I don't want to forget them....  These little girls who are sure to disappear far faster than I am ready to let them go.  I feel like I am going to wake up tomorrow and Lily will be getting her driver's license.  

We were able to go to the dinosaur museum in Drumheller for family day.  It was even better then I thought it would be.  We asked Nana and Crampa to come with us at the last minute.  The fact that they were there made it even more of a cherished memory.

I would apologize for the amount of pictures to come, but this is why I started the blog, so I won't.  :)

(This is now one of my favorite pictures of Lily with her Nana).

This is us at what I like to call the "two-and-a-half-hour-restaurant"!

It was a good day and that museum is truly a place that captures the imagination of children and adults alike.  I included the picture of the T-Rex because, in grade three, I went on a sleep over there with my class and I got to sleep right under the T-Rex's head!!  I went to sleep looking up at its teeth.  That is one experience I have never forgotten.  I am not sure why.  I even got a little misty eyed just standing in that spot again.  I have come a long way since my grade three field trip, but I hope that some of the innocence and imagination of  that girl are still a part of me. 

So, thank-you Taylor, Lily, Alexis, Nana, and Crampa, for a memory I can enjoy for years to come.  Thanks for getting there early with me so that we didn't have to walk 3 miles to the entrance.  Thanks for the most interesting lunch I have had in a long time.    Just... thank-you for spending the time.  It was a treat!

Oh and aren't these girls some of the most beautiful things you have ever seen!