There Were a Bunch in the Head...

... And the little one said, "move over, move over"... So they all moved over and one FELL OUT!!


You're Only As Tall As Your Heart Will Let You Be

The past couple of weeks, our hearts have let be pretty tall....  I will let you see for yourself.

For the Canada Day weekend, we went to Nana and Crampa's "number two" house, as my girls call it.  They are just beginning renovations and we got to be part of the demolition crew.  It was pretty fantastic.  We colored on walls, wore our shoes inside, rode the awesome mechanical horse, knocked holes in walls, played in the sunshine, ate giant popsicles, played with cousins, and went to bed late.  Alexis was so exhausted that she napped through the sound of drywall being knocked down in the next room.  That kid can sleep anywhere!  (It might run in the family... Take a look at this).

Next, we had Lily's birthday party.  It really was her first real birthday party...  (maybe her last, ha ha).  She chose who she wanted to invite... which included her primary class, some kids from her kindergarten class, and cousins (of course!).  Well, the kids seemed to have a good time.  I didn't get to take many pictures because I was busy doing other things... but here are a few.  Lily had a blast!  And her friends seemed to have fun too. 

 Here are some shots of Grammie and Grandpa helping to get everything ready for the party.  (Somehow they always get "stuck" helping with big events... like birthdays, moving, and putting doll houses together until 2am Christmas Eve.  And get this...  they are HAPPY to do it....   Thanks Grammie and Grandpa!  You are too good to us!).

Then... (as if that's not enough), Grammie and Grandpa took Lily, Alexis, and me to the Stampede Parade! 
I haven't been in years and have always wanted to take the girls... (I don't have any pictures, but it was wonderful... and, yes, Lexi fell asleep on a bus bench right in the middle of it.)

Then, we went to the Stampede!  It was really fun.  We went and saw the Superdogs and Ice show.  We at mini donuts, corn dogs, cotton candy, and chocolate-covered marshmallows.  (We even saw deep-fried pickles, but I was too afraid to try it).  We went to the Indian village and watched some of the traditional dancing.  When they announced the "inter-tribal" dance, Lily and Grandpa got up and danced with them.  I can't even tell you how excited Lily was....  but I'm sure you can guess...  Just imagine her big eyes accentuated by her glasses and her smile so big that you could see each and everyone of her shiny, white teeth.  
They got their faces painted....  They made buttons....  They filled up on junk food.....  
They were in HEAVEN!  (Oh, and Mom, Dad, and I had fun too... in case anyone was wondering!  haha).
Oh... and Lexi fell asleep in the wagon. 

It is going to be hard to get back to "normal" life after all that fun (and junk food)!  But, we have a few trips coming up, so maybe we won't have too.  :)