You had me at... Ballet

Surfing the net late at night can be dangerous...  I usually read blogs when I get home from work to wind down.  It is nice to sit in front of something inspiring.  Especially when the house is quiet.  Anyway....  One night after getting home late from work, I was reading one of my favorite blogs and an advertisement came up that I couldn't ignore.  Usually I hate it when blogs are covered in advertisements, but this one was so beautiful that I couldn't not look at it.  It was a picture of the Nutcracker ballet put on by Alberta Ballet.  So I clicked over to look at the pictures and check out when it was in Calgary.  And, as if by magic, I had printed out 2 tickets.  One for me and one for Lily.  

The whole night was wonderful.  Lily and I got dressed up and went down to the Jubilee 45 minutes early so Lily could take part in the Sugar Plum party they had before the ballet.  They had coloring stations, crown and mask-making stations, and they even had a costume station.  Lily loved it.  

The actual ballet was breath taking.  The whole time I wondered why I had never been to one before.  The ballet may just be my favorite now.  The music, the costumes, the atmosphere....  It was truly a beautiful night.

Since Lily is a school girl now, she isn't used to such late nights and fell asleep in the second act.  

It was a wonderful experience and I hope to be able to make this a new family tradition.  

Swan Lake is coming to Calgary in March, which happens to be my birthday month.  I'm crossing my fingers that I can talk Taylor into going with me.  :)  (Wish me luck).


Can't Sleep

Hours at work have been extended for the holiday season and I just got home.  (Yeah... it's 12:58 am).
I can't sleep.  It made me think of this song from White Christmas:

What a wonderful way to end a busy day.... counting my blessings.


Dear Santa... Any of these would be nice. :)

I have helped each of my girls make Christmas lists.  I have made lists of gifts to get my family, friends, and neighbors.  So... I thought it would be fun to put my own Christmas wishlist together.  I don't think I will be getting anything from this list because I have it on good authority that my Christmas present is presently sitting in the trunk of our car.  (Oh it is tortuous not being able to peek).  Anyways, this list is just for fun.  (Online shopping is the best kind!)

In no particular order... here is my 2011 Christmas wishlist.

She & Him Christmas Album 

A hooded bathrobe.

Or one like this:

An Extender Slip:
Wide Scalloped Embroidery Trimmed Slip -- Cream/Ivory

An Audrey Hepburn DVD Collection:

A Good Book (Any book will do, as long as it's good):
The Little Women Letters

A Great Pair of Ankle Boots:

A new throw for my couch:

Some fun new earrings:

Santa... if your listening....   :)



No matter what, I can't seem to get this melody out of my head.  But I don't mind...
I kind of love it.


The Beginning of a New Christmas Tradition

The snow is here.  The tree is up.  Family Stone and A Christmas Story have both already been watched.  Santa letters are written.  Christmas parcels started arriving 2 days ago.  And the basement is off limits to little ones.  It really is starting to feel like Christmas around here.
Needless to say, for some reason this year I have embraced the whole Christmas season a little early.  And, in doing so, I have decided to start a new Christmas tradition for our girls.  (I actually got the idea from Dana).

A Christmas Book Advent.
I started collecting Christmas books a couple of weeks ago.  Since I didn't want this project to cost much, I went to Value Village and searched their hundreds of children's books.  It was actually quite fun.  I would get all excited when I found a good Christmas book.  I collected some about Santa, the Nativity, giving gifts, and I even found a Dora one for Lexi.  I also knew we had a few at home, so I searched around and found 8.  So, I only had to get 17 more.  It took a few trips, but I did it.  The whole thing cost under $15.  I thought that was awesome.  Each year I hope to collect some more Christmas books and switch them out for some of the books that the girls will grow out of.  I looked for How the Grinch Stole Christmas, but I didn't find it.

Here they are..

I made sure each one had something to do with Christmas.  There are some awesome vintage copies in there as well.  Do you spot the Nutcracker?  (Not the Berenstain Bears version). 

It only took about the length of 3 Friends episodes to wrap them all.

Here they are wrapped...

We start tonight.  They are sitting under the tree just waiting to be opened.  Right before bed the girls will pick one and we will read it together.  I am so excited!  I hope the girls love it as much as I do.


Oooohhhh yeah, I still got it.

True story...  As I walked to my car after work today, a grown man howled at me...  I didn't know what to do/say, so I walked the last few steps and got into my sweet mini van.  I thought after being married for seven years, I had lost my "mystery".  Apparently not.  

To the animal man....  I offer some friendly advice...  To catch a woman, you must first speak her language... (meaning human).  Just a suggestion.


Practically Perfect in Every Way

I have been in a major creative funk....  I have had no desire to blog, sew, create, or even cook.  BUT...  I am thinking that if I had a tube of this stuff, that funk just might disappear.

*Picture found here.


No Excuses

I won't make any excuses for my absence.

I have been using all my energy just to live.

I have felt warm sunshine on my face.

I have played until it hurt.

I have eaten until my pants are a little tight.

I have soaked in the summer.

In fact, I have had no motivation to do anything else.

And it's a good thing the weather forecast predicts hot weather for the next 5 days, or I would be really bummed!  (I promise to post First Day of School pics.... when I can get over the fact that fall is almost here). 

 Until then....


There Were a Bunch in the Head...

... And the little one said, "move over, move over"... So they all moved over and one FELL OUT!!


You're Only As Tall As Your Heart Will Let You Be

The past couple of weeks, our hearts have let be pretty tall....  I will let you see for yourself.

For the Canada Day weekend, we went to Nana and Crampa's "number two" house, as my girls call it.  They are just beginning renovations and we got to be part of the demolition crew.  It was pretty fantastic.  We colored on walls, wore our shoes inside, rode the awesome mechanical horse, knocked holes in walls, played in the sunshine, ate giant popsicles, played with cousins, and went to bed late.  Alexis was so exhausted that she napped through the sound of drywall being knocked down in the next room.  That kid can sleep anywhere!  (It might run in the family... Take a look at this).

Next, we had Lily's birthday party.  It really was her first real birthday party...  (maybe her last, ha ha).  She chose who she wanted to invite... which included her primary class, some kids from her kindergarten class, and cousins (of course!).  Well, the kids seemed to have a good time.  I didn't get to take many pictures because I was busy doing other things... but here are a few.  Lily had a blast!  And her friends seemed to have fun too. 

 Here are some shots of Grammie and Grandpa helping to get everything ready for the party.  (Somehow they always get "stuck" helping with big events... like birthdays, moving, and putting doll houses together until 2am Christmas Eve.  And get this...  they are HAPPY to do it....   Thanks Grammie and Grandpa!  You are too good to us!).

Then... (as if that's not enough), Grammie and Grandpa took Lily, Alexis, and me to the Stampede Parade! 
I haven't been in years and have always wanted to take the girls... (I don't have any pictures, but it was wonderful... and, yes, Lexi fell asleep on a bus bench right in the middle of it.)

Then, we went to the Stampede!  It was really fun.  We went and saw the Superdogs and Ice show.  We at mini donuts, corn dogs, cotton candy, and chocolate-covered marshmallows.  (We even saw deep-fried pickles, but I was too afraid to try it).  We went to the Indian village and watched some of the traditional dancing.  When they announced the "inter-tribal" dance, Lily and Grandpa got up and danced with them.  I can't even tell you how excited Lily was....  but I'm sure you can guess...  Just imagine her big eyes accentuated by her glasses and her smile so big that you could see each and everyone of her shiny, white teeth.  
They got their faces painted....  They made buttons....  They filled up on junk food.....  
They were in HEAVEN!  (Oh, and Mom, Dad, and I had fun too... in case anyone was wondering!  haha).
Oh... and Lexi fell asleep in the wagon. 

It is going to be hard to get back to "normal" life after all that fun (and junk food)!  But, we have a few trips coming up, so maybe we won't have too.  :)