Moments to Remember

The girls are in a dream world in a room down the hall and here I sit, trying to remember all the things I told myself not to forget.  Things like Alexis yelling out "Jeepers Creatures!" whenever something excites her.  Or when Lily asks us not to go in her room because she needs "private-sy".  Sometimes I forget how important little things like that are.  I get too caught up in the world of laundry and dishes and piano practice and school reader books.  We found a box of sparklers in a kitchen drawer and decided tonight was the perfect night to use them.  Seeing their enchanted faces and hearing their excited laughter made my soul feel light.  How simple a thing like left over sparklers can be... and yet how important are those simple moments?  I think nattherat said it best here. 

Lily is always active.  Always creating something.  She has such a great imagination.  Her wish today was that she could have a "robot unicorn pegisis that could fly and do magic".  Yeah- I would love one of those too!

Alexis is... quirky.  She is always trying to make people laugh.  There was a day recently when Lily was upset about something and Lexi came running up to me telling me that she wanted to make Lily feel better... and in order to do so, she would need "some stickers" to put on her nose.  She loves to be babied and cuddled, yet she hates being the little sister and always asks if she will grow to be big like Lily.

Sometimes it is too easy to get stuck in the mundane.  I forget that these moments I love the most, will one day be but a memory.  One day these girls will be driving... graduating... going on missions...  getting married.   And it breaks my heart to think that one day their world really will be something that doesn't include me.  They will go off into the world and make all the hard decisions.  Will they remember the sparklers?