Sunny Spots on a Rug

So, the weather forecast for Saturday is.... snow.  I am really not excited about it, so that is all I will say about it.

INSTEAD, we are trying to celebrate the spring-like feel that is in the air today.  It is so sunny and bright.  I just want to lay in the warm patch of sun on the rug and have a nap.  How wonderful does that sound?  Too bad I have two very energetic and silly girls...  Seriously, the majority of sentences out of Lily's mouth start with, "Mom, just pretend...."

So, we went to the dollar store to try to find a fun spring craft idea and we found the cutes little wooden bird houses.  Here we are painting them bright spring colors...

We also got fake birds to go into them, so they can be hung in the girls' rooms.  

Here are Lily's Humming Birds...

This is Lexi's "Red Bird"... 

This project was so fun.  The girls worked for over an hour painting their bird houses. 
Here are the finished products...
I know they are the sort of thing only a child and her mother could love... but I do.  :)

We also got to take a trip to Grammie and Papa's house a couple weeks ago for my birthday!  It was so nice to be with them.  We ate way too many Crave cupcakes, did a little shopping, and played the Xbox Kinect.  My dad even made me his famous baking powder biscuits.  (They are the best... Maybe that is why I am such a snob when it comes to pilsbury...)  :)  Grammie and Auntie Cheryl made all the kids play dresses and crowns.  Grammie even got special dress up shoes from the Disney store.  The girls loved them!  They can't wait to go back and wear them for one of Grammie's special Hot Chocolate parties.  Here are some photos of the trip...

The funnest moments there were watching Lily, Grammie, and Auntie Kathy dancing with the Kinect.  Haha.  I wish I could share the video, but if I did, I would have to go into hiding.  :)

Oh, and my song-of-the-"springish" is Gene Kelly's "Singing in the Rain".  (Because, instead of snow, I wish it would rain).


  1. hahaha- I need to see that video!!!

  2. What a fun day for the girls with the bird houses and fun to have fake birds in them so they can keep them in their rooms....what a fun day and what a fun mom to do that....and yes you would have to go deep into hiding if that video appears......hahalolhahahahahaha

  3. What special little girls they are. I couldn't have chosen a better mom for my little Lily and Lexie than you Nan. You are THE BEST! And I got to see those bird houses and they are gorgeous!

  4. Nan
    Thank you for keeping a blog. What a treat it is for me to be able to read it and see what everyone is up to. It helps me stay in touch with everyone when I am sooooooooo far away. You are a great mom and what great girls you have. Great job on the birdhouses,.
    Love you Anutie Char from Toronto

  5. Thanks for all the support and kind comments. Love you all!