Countdown to Christmas

Today is the first day of December!  (Happy Birthday to my sister Cheryl...  one of the best people I know and one of my very best friends.  No one knows me quite like you do.  And a special thanks to my brave mother who had us a mere 14 months apart... it's almost like having a twin).
We put our tree up a week or so ago.  It was so fun watching the girls get excited over their ornaments.  Christmas time is the best!  Last year we did the Christmas Book Advent.  While that was fun, we decided to do something different.  I thought I would share what we are doing, in case any of you are procrastinators like me and just started thinking of this today.  Ha!  I decided to focus on the real reason for the season for this year's countdown.  Each day comes with a scripture to read and an activity; everything from acts of service to journal writing to praying.  I think it is going to really help all of us to remember each day why we celebrate this time of year.  I got it from the Friend magazine.  Go here to see it for yourself.  :)

Don't forget to watch the First Presidency Christmas Devotional tomorrow!

Finally, if you want to hear one of my favorite Christmas songs... go HERE.

Stay tuned for some cute Christmas photos of the girls...  :)

Now I have to go and watch some Family Stone!
Rachel McAdams and Diane Keaton in 20th Century Fox's The Family Stone 

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  1. HaHaHa we just watched the family stone the other day with cheryl and justin, awe the memories