Are All Girls Born With A Love For Shoes?

It was way too cold today (at least for the end of August).  The girls and I went out to get some school supplies for Lily, since her first day of kindergarten is on Thursday!!  (I will not cry.  I will not cry.)  We happened to come across the CUTEST winter boots for Lily.  They are lined with real wool.  I am sure you can imagine the coversation I had with Lily about that....  I kept telling her how they sheer sheep and take their wool to make clothes and things to keep us warm and she kept saying, "Like, a real animal?"  It kind of grossed her out.  But the fact that these boots are the cutest shade of red won her over.  Here is the fashion show we had when we got home...

Needless to say, she was in love and I was lucky that it was cold outside so she could actually wear them.  :)  And, we couldn't leave poor Lexi out because it hurts her little feelings.  (You see, she has that love of shoes as well).
I think she can pull off animal print.  Don't you?  Anyways, from my girls to all of you...
ps> don't pay attention to the huge pile of sheets waiting to be folded.... and all the toys strewn about...  our apartment is the size of a shoe box and looks messy no matter what.  :)


  1. The answer to that title is 'YES'!!! Those boots are awesome

  2. Tell LIly I love the boots. THey are "the best". Oh and Lexi look freakishly like Taylor. (in a good way though):)

  3. Soooooooo JEALOUS!!! I wish I could hold "fashion shows"! Love the boots. And I appreciate the laundry in the background...looks just like our house :)

  4. I wish they came in my size. :)