Lets Do Old and Grey

Happy Family Birthday Taylor, Lily, and Alexis! 
I am up late.... can't sleep and it is officially August 20th, 2010.  That means I have been married for 6 whole years now.  This may seem like a short time to some and a little longer to others, but to me it feels like it is just the beginning.  :)  No, I'm not saying I feel like a newlywed.  In fact the words from the song "Comfortable" by Fleming and John sum it up pretty good when they say: "I think that you'll agree - we've become predictable.  But I really don't mind being this comfortable."  Yes... I really don't mind being this comfortable.  When I say it feels like the beginning, I am saying that I know there is a lot more to come.  In the past six years we have learned to live together, you have survived my cooking, we both survived two pregnancies and well, about five years of not having a good night's rest.  We have two BEAUTIFUL girls who are not only cute, but really funny too.  We have moved 4 times so far (and hopefully will again soon  :).  We survived one year of us both working and going to school... and will survive many more.  We are about to embark on a new chapter in our life... the one where your children start going to school and before you know it, you turn around and you are old.  :)  Although there have been many new experiences in the past six years, I anticipate many many more wonderful things to come.  I am thankful for the day Auntie Sandra didn't know my real age, or else you may not have ever wrote me that nerdy note asking for my number.  I fell in love with you so quickly but I now realize that it was such a small love compared to what it is now.  The love I have for you now is so much deeper than it was back then... so much more comfortable.  Thanks for the past six years my handsome boy...  I love you.
Love N.

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