On the Sunny Side of the Street

The girls and I went to the zoo yesturday.  It was hot and sunny and we were all bored after our nap.  :)  So, instead of wasting the day inside, we decided to walk over to the zoo.  Well, I walked, they road in the wagon.  I kept forgetting to switch arms while pulling and I swear my right bicep is double the size of my left.  :)  Anyways, we had a nice walk over to the zoo with the sunshine all around us.  We got there and played at a small park they have and then we ate ice cream cones.  Alexis managed to get hers all over herself and from then on I kept getting strange looks from other mothers.  Oh well, she was having fun and enjoying her icecream to the fullest, so I wasn't about to stop her.  :)  Plus, that kid manages to get dirty no matter what!!  Someone once told me (Violet) that when I stop caring about trying to keep them clean, it will just happen on its own.  Well, I'm trying.  :)  After the icecream and seeing the camels, the giraffs, the stinky pigs, flamingos, and some peacocks, Lily decided she wanted to go see the butterflies... 
I am so glad we did!!  Isn't that awesome!!  She wanted to catch one so bad and I kept telling her that butterflies are really fast and don't usually land on people.  Well, here's proof folks....  you CAN actually catch a butterfly!  (Here's one of Lexi...)
I was so scared Lexi would squish the butterfly, but she was so smitten with it, that she was very gentle. 
You can just see it on her face. 

Man, I love those two!!  I have two of the silliest, cute, quirky, dramatic, sweet girls out there.  It is interesting how, the moment you become their mother, your whole universe revolves around them...  It makes me glad that I have made the decisions I have, to put me on the road I am on now...  With these girls around, its always the sunny side of the street!  (Even when it rains. )


  1. nan love the zoo pictures especially of the two pretty girls and the butterflies too.