Go Go Go Daddy!

Taylor is part of a city-wide "touch" football league.  Last night they played in McMahon Stadium and we decided it would be fun to go and watch.  The girls thought it was so great.  They were so busy running up and down all those stairs (with me running after them) that we didn't get to see Taylor score his team's only touch down.  But atleast we were there right?  Here is a picture of Taylor right before the game started and right after I told him he really needs a haircut.  :)
As you can see, he reeeaaallly wanted to have his picture taken.  Ha ha.

Taylor's team didn't end up winning, but we had fun having the stadium all to ourselves.  :)
(My legs hurt just looking at those stairs again!)


  1. Well. I agree, being there was worth it! Plus the girls must of slept GOOD that night! :) I'm glad your blogging. It is great!

  2. enjoyed your blog and cant wait to read more of what you are doing. i am trying to keep myself awake so that i can sleep good tonight but my house is still a mess and i need to get it cleaned so that i can do as little tomorrow as possible. anyways love you and your little family. hopeyou had fun wish we where there.

  3. Thanks guys! Wish you had been there too, Kathy. The kids would have loved it! Hope you are getting lots of rest before the arrival of Baby #6.

  4. I couldn't be the only sister not to comment. I think you are awesome.
    And your blog.
    I love you.