Oh Oh I Want Some Mo-ore...

Today was a good day.  It was our family birthday!!  Yay!  So, obviously there would be presents.  Lily and Alexis got to go to Build-a-Bear and build a friend.  Lily has had her eye on the Hello Kitty for a while, so that was the obvious choice for her.  (She named her Angela).  :)  

Alexis went in another direction.... a Velociraptor she named "Roar".  :)   Needless to say, the girls were in love.  :)  In fact, we forgot them (Angela and Roar, not Lily and Alexis) at Nana's house accidentally and after many tears, we agreed to go back and get them.  I got Taylor a really nice shirt and tie for work and some handsoap from Bath and Body Works because he loves the way they smell... although you cannot tell anyone I said that.  *smile*  For my present, I have to give some background.  A few months ago, Taylor lent our hammer to someone, but we don't remember who.  Well, actually, Taylor swears he got it back from "whoever" a long time ago.  I have torn the house apart looking for the hammer so I could hang our new family photo up.  I mean, what is the purpose of getting a family picture and then having it sit in a frame on the top of our deep freeze since July?  Anyways, he got me my very own (beautiful) hammer.  I am actually pretty excited about it because it means I can hang our photo and it means I was RIGHT.  :)  But, I chose to take the high road and not mention that small fact.... to him atleast.  Anyways, he told me that there is more on the way, but it had was on order.  I had no idea what it could be and after making me wait all day, he told me what it was when we were at dinner.  I got so excited that I clapped my hands and made a happy squealing sound...  that I am not proud of.  :)  Do you want to know what it was??  Okay.  I'll tell you.  He got us tickets to go see the NEON TREES!!! 
I am sooo excited!  I don't think I can wait until September 21st!!  I had been searching for tickets for weeks but I could never find any and finally gave up, thinking they had decided to cancel the Canadian part of their tour.  Anyways, I was spoiled rotten and feel a little guilty about it because I have no idea how much it might have cost....  but, for this atleast, I think I will stay in the dark. 
And to top the day off, Lily and I went to Value Village and we got her the most beautiful drees for 4.99.  I also got a few items that will hopefully be turned into the cutest project...  but I am not going to reveal it yet.  For that, you have to wait.  :) 
It was such a good day, it is hard to see it end. 

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  1. Yay I'm so glad you're blogging!!! I think of mine as a journal now that I know it can be printed into a book I do it alot more. I love reading all the stories about the family!!